October 7 2014

Seedling is available in print now (actually a while ago, I'm a bit behind on updating the front page) here : store . Viola Valley is well underway and we're nearing the end of Chapter 1. Stay tuned!

March 8 2014

Viola Valley is up and running! I'm pumped, it shall be my greatest work yet! Read it here . In other news, I'm going to take Seedling to print soon! I'm also planning on going to at least one convention this year. Which one depends a bit on where I can nab an artists alley table but I'm going to try to make it out of my cave and into the wide wide world. The plan is to have Seedling books available there and also online, although the latter requires me to get some store stuff up and running on the site first ... *sigh*

Feb 16 2014

Viola Valley is the name of the new comic! I don't think i've mentioned that yet. It should be coming out towards the end of the month. In the meantime, i just did a lot of clean up work on Seedling, so if you haven't read that yet, now is a good time! Read Seedling!

Sep 13 2013

News! I moved my old blogspot blog to tumblr, check it out at semblare.tumblr.com ! I also made a business card! That should be somewhere on the blog. I'm making a couple more changes to the site, adding twitter and facebook follow buttons to the headers, etc. As for the comics, Seedling is in its last lap! Project Molly is coming along with a total of 20000 words on the script thingy (it's really neither script nor novel... more of a weird hybrid that is only readable by me). Can't wait for the new project to start, eta. Jan 2014, but hopefully sooner.